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Letter by Barry Barkley
Ray Hoffman replacing Wayne Hutchison
As Overseer of Quebec & Atlantic Provinces
May 30, 2022

Barry Barkley
1285 Dogwood Dr
Orrville OH 44667 USA

May 30, 2022

Dear Friends,

It is time that we share with you the arrangement for oversight of the work in The Atlantic Provinces and Quebec.

We respect every worker who in different capacities have given their time and strength in supporting the part of the Kingdom of Heaven which is still upon the earth. This includes your entire staff, young, old and in between.

For many of us workers, there have been changes of overseers who served us in the planning capacity and I myself have had experience serving with and under different overseers. I have had the benefit of several changes of field and staff. Sometimes changes, like a transplanting, cause a temporary wilt, but results in the roots spreading broader and reaching deeper.

The political boundaries between Canada and USA have limited exchanges with the Atlantic Provinces. These boundaries still impose limits upon us.

Ray Hoffmann has agreed to accept the oversight of the work in Quebec and The Atlantic Provinces. Although he is based on the US side of the border he will also spend time in Canada as factors permit. He will work with the staff and through the staff which is already there as well as being open to any who feel a need or desire to communicate with him directly.

We are asking Wayne [Hutchison] to forward this letter. He is welcome to add any of his own thoughts.

Greetings and Best wishes In Christ,

Barry Barkley

Personally, I welcome these new arrangements. We feel blessed to have Barry, Ray and Dale [Shultz] coming to our help at this time and feel this is right. I have enjoyed working in this part and have very much appreciated your support in our efforts. We will do well, workers and friends, to be equally supportive of Ray as he gets acquainted here.

Dernièrement nous avons beaucoup apprecie l'aide que Barry, Dale et Ray nous ont partage par rapport a notre equipe et les plans futurs pour ici. Je salue de tout coeur, la decision que Ray vient ici en qualite d'ancien pour notre equipe. J'ai beacoup apprecie mes annees ici et je vous remercie de votre appui en toutes choses. Il nous conviendra a tous, amis et serviteurs, de partager le même support avec Ray.

Your brother,

Votre frère,

Wayne Hutchison

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