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1905-21 Workers List
New Zealand
Revised Oct. 18, 2008

New Zealand Workers List 1905 - 1921

John Hardy (aka Hardie) had evidently been here the previous year, also Sandy Alexander.
First Workers arrived in 1904.

Adam Hutchison, Joe Williamson - Chit
John Fraser, Jim Hodgins -Auckland
Annie Smith, Fanny Carroll - Dunedin
Maggie McDougall, Francis Hudgins - Wellington
The first Convention was in Wellington, 75 people attended.

John Fraser - Waikato
Adam Hutchison, Joe Williamson - Canterbury
Maggie McDougall, Frances Hodgins - Manawatu
Annie Smith, Fanny Carroll - Otago
(Jim Hodgins took sick and died)

John Fraser, Ted Gregory -Auckland
J. McLaughlin, Jim Corcoran - Canterbury
J. Williamson, Geo Harvey - Sth Canterbury
Annie Smith, Sarah Kelly & A. Begbie - Otago
Fanny Carroll, Ida Davis, Cis Taylor -
M. McDougall & F. Hodgins (sick)
Not recorded -Ida Davis (died)

J. Fraser, Will Hooper - Woodville
J. McLaughlin, E. Lawson - Nelson
J. Williamson, J. Craig - Canterbury
H. McNeary, T. Gregory - Chch
F. Hodgins, Amy Lawson -Wairapa
P. Hodgins, Teenie Walker - Hawkes Bay
J. Corcoran, Geo Harvey - Sth Canterbury

W. McNeary, Jim McLeod - Dunedin
J. Fraser, Geo Harvey, E. Lawson - Cantertury
J. Corcoran, Will Hooper - Whangarei
J. Williamson, Bert Morgan - Canterbury
J. McLaughlin, J. Craig - Nelson
M. Hodgins, Olive Billings -Taranaki
Queenie Higgins, Amy Lawson - Eketahuna
H. Alexander, Teenie Walker - Woodville

W. Hughes, Gerald Morris - Bay of Plenty
H. McNeary, C. Billings - Otago
J. McLaughlan, W. Hooper - Nelson
J. Williamson, A. Walker - Whangarei
Geo Harvey, B. Morgan - Main Trunk
M. Hodgins, Susy Hooper - Canterbury
Teenie Walker, Amy Lawson -Taranaki
H. Alexander, O. Billings - Hawkes Bay
Queenie Higgins, Harriett Hooper- Canterbury

Willie Hughes, Walter Pickering - Otago
Harry McNeary, Jack Bell - Auckland
F. McLaughlin, Bert Morgan -Taranaki
J. Williamson, Geo Wix -Bay of Islands
W. Hooper, Gerald Morris - Otago
Geo Harvey, W. Fullerton - Bay of Plenty
P. Hodgins, Harriet Hooper - Nelson
Queenie Higgins, Susan Hooper- Canterbury
H. Alexander, Mabel Wix - Hawkes Bay

W. Hughes, B. Morgan - Dunedin
H. McNeary, J. Bell - Wellington
J. Williamson, W. Pickering - Hawkes Bay
W. Fullerton, W. Hooper - Canterbury
Wilfred Hayes, Geo. Wix - Bay of Islands
M. Hodgins, Mabel Wix - Otago
Queeie Higgins, Ella Blade - Thames
H. Alexander, S. Hooper -Taranaki
Olive Billings, Mary McLeod - Waikato
Teenie Walker, Harriet Hooper - Canterbury

H. McNeary, Jack Bell - Auckland
J. Williamson, W. Pickering - Taranaki
W. Hooper, Geo. Wix - Otago
W. Hayes, W. Fullerton - Helensville
(*TTT Editor's Note: No sisters workers listed this year)

1914 Wilson McClung, Mrs. McClung -Wellington
Adam Hutchison, Fred Plews - Canterbury
W. Hooper, W. Pickering - Otago
W. Fullerton, Jack Bell - Gisborne
Geo Wix, Hughie Blade - Taranaki
Olive Billings, Hattie Pickens - King Country
Teenie Walker, Alice Wix - North Auckland
Harriet Hooper, Ella Blade - King Country

1915 W. McClung, Mrs. McClung - Auckland
Percy Hartland, Walter Pickering - Carterton
W. Hooper, Hughie Blade - Central Otago
Geo Wix, John Shorten - Timaru
Jack Bell, Jim Vallance - Canterbury
W. Fulterton, Fred Plews - Taranaki
Alice Begbie, O. Billings - Palmerston North
T. Walker, Ada Cedarman - Mangataroto
Ella Blade, Hattie Pickens -Thames
H. Hooper, Alice Wix - King Country

Wilson McClung, Mrs. McClung -Auckland
W. Fullterton, W. Pickering - Great Barrier
J. Vallance, Fred Plews -Taranaki
P. Hartland, J. Shorten - Wairarapa
W. Hooper, Jack Bell - Central Otago
J. Craig, Robert Blair - Central Otago
E. Holtham, Hughie Blade - Canterbury
H. Hooper, Jack Bell - Central Otago
T. Walker, Alice Casey - Raglan
E. Blade, O. Billings - Hawkes Bay
A. Begbie, A. Wix - Taihape

W. McClung, Mrs. McClung - Auckland
W. Hooper, W. Pickering - Central Otago
W. Fullerton, B. Morgan - Sth Canterbury
R. Blair, J. Bell - Southland & Otago
P. Hartland, F. Plews - King Country
S. Holtham, J. Shorten - Palmerston North
J. Vallance, Ned Manning - Nth Auckland
J. Craig, J. McLeod - West Coast
Harriet Hooper, (no companion given) - Taranaki
T. Walker, Alice Wix -Waikato
O. Billings, A. Casey - Napier
E. Blade, A. Cedarman -Wairarapa

Wilson McClung, Mrs. McClung - Hamilton
W. Fullterton, J. Shorten - Nth Canterbury
W. Hooper, Fred Plews - Manawatu
J. Craig, Ned Manning - Nelson
P. Hartland, J. Bell - King Country
R. Blair, W. Pickering - Southland
J. Vallance, B. Morgan - Nth Auckland
A. Begbie, Ella Blade - Hawkes Bay
Ada Cedarman, Lottie Wix - South Canterbury
Harriett Hooper, Neila Campbell,Amy Lawson -Taranaki
Olive Billings, Alice Wix -Taihape

W. Hooper, Ned Manning - Taranaki
E. Holtham, Hughie Blade - Hawkes Bay
J. Craig, F. Plews - Nelson
W. Fullerton, J. Hogan - Canterbury
R. Blair, J. Shorten - Southland
P. Hartland, W. Pickering, J. Bell - ?
A. Cedarman, Lizzie McMillian - Sth Canterbuty
Alice Wix, Ettie Kenton - Nth Otago

H. Hooper
A. Begbie

W. McClung, Mrs. McClung - Dunedin
Ralph Beattie, Mrs. Beattie - Sth Canterbury
Jack Craig, Albert Joyce - Nth Canterbury
W. Hooper, Tom Fowler - Taranaki
F. Plews, W. Brown -Westland
J. Vallance, R. Stockdill - Marlborough
W. Pickering, Stan Watchorn - Southland
B. Morgan, Joe Hogan - Sth Otago
Robert Blair, Ned Manning - Norfolk Island
A. Patterson, H. Pickens - Nth Auckland
B. Spiers, Amy Lawson - Sth Auckland
A. Begbie, Lizzie McMillian - Waikato
H. Hooper,E. Kenton -Manawatu
A. Cedarman, Elsie Dixon - Hawkes Bay

Geo Wix, E. Holtham, J. Bell, W. Fullerton, R. Speirs , P. Hartland, Neila Campbell, A. Cousins, L. Wix

W. McClung, Mrs. McClung - Auckland
R. Beattie, Mrs. Beattie, Lorrie Plews - Christchurch
W. Hooper, L. Watchorn - Taranaki
J. Vallance, S. Watchorn -
J. Craig, R. Stockdill -West Coast
B. Morgan, T. Fowler - Sth Otago
W. Pickering, A. Joyce - Southland
H. McNeary, J. Shorten - Invercargill
R. Blair, Ned Manning
F. Plews, Charlie Steele
A. Patterson, I. Walker
B. Spiers, A. Lawson
A. Begbie, L. McMillan
A. Cedarman, H. Pickens - Hawkes Bay
H. Hooper, E. Dixon

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