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1919-1920 Workers List
North and South America
Posted December 14, 2022

Partial List!!


MISSOURI: (continued from missing page)

/S/ E. Degroot, S. Rogers, E. Wilkie, Anna Hestekind, W. Geneskie

TEXAS: W. Webb, O. Taylor
/S/ Cora Pixler, Louise Schweizer

OKLAHOMA: S. Charlton, C. Smith, G. Samuel, V. Miller, A. McCullagh, Walter Stuhr
/S/ Cassie Patterson, Blanche Hartsock, M. Knox, Anna Stuhr

KANSAS: J. Doak, Raymond Reece, A. Anderson, G. Keimig, F. Kinglake, I. Haskins, T. Patterson, Ray Bonds
/S/ E. Gill, J. Gilpin, J. Weir, E. Scott

NEBRASKA: N. Jardine, Glen Billeter, John McNeill, L. Munt, Renslar Wilkie, Heinrich Grefe, I. Herring, Karl Armintrout, G. Boyle, L. Devonshire
/S/ A. Sterling, B. Schmidt, M. Peterson, Edith Haglund, Bella Forbes, A. Printz, G. Hoops, L. Schmidt, E. Thompson, I. Dotson

WYOMING: R. Stuhr, S. Brown
/S/ L. Smith, B. McKnight

COLORADO: W. Wilkie, L. Murray, O. Taylor, F. Wilkie, P. Hartman, T. Hartman
/S/ Florence Langworthy, Annie Groves

NEW MEXICO: Clara Gerlach, O. Leighty

SOUTH DAKOTA: H. Holland, J. Noteboom, Will Thompson, W. Crane, W. Abercrombie, Davie McRae, H. Cosby
/S/ L. Reid, H. Halberg, M. Spiers, G. Dickson, J. Craig, Maggie Sandford

NORTH DAKOTA: W. Jardine, G. Hughes, W. Edwards, W. Tabor, T. Morgan, W. Sullivan
/S/ D. Holland, M. Monilaws, E. Batten, M. Ekdahl, Joanna Thompson

MINNESOTA: W. Weir, W. Crane, H. Brown, W. Smeenk, C. Carlson, A. Vogt, C. Parks, E. Carson, R. Darling, C. Vogt
/S/ Ida Batten, G. Putnam, H. Schildt, L. Potts, K. Rankin, C. Timmersman, E. Ekdahl, C. Nelson, L. Shaw, M. Darnell

MONTANA: H. Oliver, A. Lynn, L. Coe, E. Sylvester, J. Moore, Arthur Pickess

IDAHO: C. Richter, W. Baillie, C. Morgan, E. Johnson, D. Davidson, R. Middleton

WASHINGTON: J. Brown, J. Vint, P. Hanson, Carl Wren, H. Hanson, F. Hanowell, A. Sterling, C. Johnson
/S/ M. Wilson, L. Heyes, E. Hanson, Florence Lindquist, A. Sterling, H. Pryor, Mrs. Richter, E. Jones, F. Carroll

OREGON: W. Smiley, E. Cutting, F. Dennison, Ernest Hamon, R. Meikle, A. Greer
/S/ I. Kruger, L. Meikle, B. Dunkin, T. Meikle, R. Wright, E. Anderson

CALIFORNIA: J. Carroll, E. Cornock, W. Allington
/S/ M. Carroll, E. Lawrence, F. Davison, A. Hoey

WORKERS VISITING AND RESTING: T. Lyness, T. Cameron, D. Carroll, J. Bruce, S. Dougal, D. Christie, A.Pearson, H. Stouffer, B. Schillinger, L. Rygg, O. Schmidt, W. Tomey, J. Freeman, R. Freeman, C. Rosell, J.McClean, O. Grant
/S/ A. Lyness, S. Humphreys, E. Jamieson, A. Semple, J. Dougal, M. Taylor, D. Fee, J. Allan, M. Girvin, M.Underwood, A. Davis, M. Long, T. Colhoun, J. Dawson, G. Fingal, M. Taylor, L. McCullagh, B. Hansell, N. Wood, A. Edwards, N. Comer, J. Chapman, E. Harper, B. Burgess, E. Hanson, R. Eklund, S. Pattison

WORKERS IN SWEDEN FROM U.S.A.: T. Larson, R. Carlson

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