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Weir Family Tree
Revised June 15, 2016

Weir Family Tree
Family Tree of Irvine & Edie Weir, et al
Dublin, Ireland


Father: William Caldwell Weir (born about 1849)
Mother: Susan Tinkler Weir (born about 1852 died 1900)

Home: 27 Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland

1901 Irish census shows Weirs were Methodist.

Children: Reportedly, there were 11 Weir children, 10 survived.

1873: William Frederick Weir (born Dec. 2, 1873, Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland)
Went into business with father in 1900. Married Catherine. Died in 1956. (per tract history given at store)
[NOTE: This is NOT the Wm. Weir listed on the 1905 workers list who was from Scotland and Overseer of Sweden.]

1876: Susan Elizabeth Weir (b. Nov. 4, 1876 Dublin, died Sept 13, 1959)
1876: Rebecca Edith (Edie) Weir (born Nov. 4, 1876 on Beechward Ave, Dublin. Died Feb 21, 1959 in Ireland). She went in the work in 1905 and is listed on the 1905 Workers List. She preached in California. She and her brother Irvine can be traced through 1912 in the "When the gospel came…" to California accounts. Reportedly Edie left the work due to bad health and returned to her home in Dublin; never married; and lived above shop on Baggot Street til her death in 1958. The FIRST Sunday meeting in Dublin was held over Weir's Store on Baggot Street. The store is still there, and is still called Weirs. See Photo in TTT Photo Gallery.

1878: James Irvine Weir (born September 7, 1878 in County Dublin, Ireland) Died in Boston in 1957 and is buried in North Weymouth, Massachusetts. Went in the work in 1900 until 1918, which included time in California, Ontario, and Kentucky.  He is listed on 1905 Workers list. He was friends with Carrolls, who invited him from Dublin to Nenagh to hear Wm. Irvine. Went on 1899 bicycle trip (see photo). He was one of the first three workers to come to America in 1903, the other two being Geo. Walker and Wm. Irvine. Irvine Weir was the first worker to come to California.He was put out of the work by George Walker. He married Elizabeth Lillian Reid on Jan 16, 1921, and they had 3 children. (See Photo)

1880:Walter Caldwell Weir (born July 26,1880 in Rathmines, Dublin.) In the 1930's, he married widow Rose Ann Jackson in Berkeley, California. She had two daughters by her previous marriage.

1882: Harry Cecil Weir (born Dec 25, 1882; died Jan 23, 1964; See photo of grave) Married Agnes Carroll; died 1940 in California (See photo of grave). Harry was companion of John Long in July, 1901, per Long's Journal. Harry married Agnes (Aggie) Josephine Carroll (born July 26, 1882) , sister of Bill, Jack, Fannie & May Carroll. Harry & Agnes came to America in 1911. They were both 28 yrs old when they arrived. (See Ellis Island records; Agnes brought infant Gladys with her) They had 4 children: Gladys, born Dec. 18, 1909 in Dublin who went in the work in 1940 in California, died Dec. 22, 2005; and Primrose, born May 28, 1913, who went in the work in 1947 in California, died June, 2004. Bill married Joanne and they had one daughter; and Edith/Edie married Norman Leen and they had 3 children. After Agnes died (in 1938-9?), Harry married Ethel Waite, and they had one child, a daughter, Jean. (See Photo of Weir Family)

1886: Gerald Weir (Born October 15, 1886 - died October 31, 1946)

1889: Emma Kathleen Weir
(born September 21, 1888 Dublin - died Sept. 1981 Yeovil, Somerset, England)
Married Oswald Mortimer Telfer Clarke (1888-1972)

1891: Charles McKelray Weir married Catherine Sloan McNair (1901-1985)

1893: Letitia May (Weir) Harvey
(born May 12, 1893; died July 17, 1969). Married Eugene Raymond Harvey (1890-1953). Had 2 daughters: Leta May Harvey born 1916 and Alsa Harvey 1921-2008.

Dublin : This information is contained on the Weirs Store brochure:

"For over one hundred years Weirs has served the people of Dublin. The present-day product range far exceeds the original ironmongery and sanitary ware with which Wm. Weir opened for business in 1885…At three thousand square feet, Weirs of Baggot Street is amongst the largest hardware stores in the country…Weirs is still in the same Georgan building in which William Weir opened for business. In 1900 William Weir was joined by his son, William to form William Weir & Son…in 1956 Wm. Weir Jnr. Died and the shop was closed…In 1977 , the premises were purchased by Curust Industries Ltd and reopened as "Weirs o Baggot Street. The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. Catherine Weir, widow of Wm. Weir. The façade was newly restored in 1998 to its original appearance and represents with its elegant hand-made russet-red bricks the last flowering of the Georgian style for which Dublin is world-renowned "

1791 Richard Lord, Viscount Fitzwilliam, grants building lease to Thomas Carroll Esq.
1885 Mr. William Weir opened as 'William Weir, Ironmonger and Sanitary Engineer'.
1900 William Weir joined by his son, William, to form 'William Weir & Son'.
1956 William Weir Jnr. died. Shop closed.

See Store Photo

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