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Workers Lists 1912-13
New Zealand Sisters
Posted Nov. 15, 2014

Comparison of 1912 and 1913 New Zealand Workers List

1913 New Zealand Workers List:

Note: In 1913 there were NO sisters workers in New Zealand;
The year before (1912) there were 10 sisters in New Zealand.
The year after (1914) there were 6 sisters plus Mrs. McClung, wife of new Overseer Wilson McClung

Brother Workers Field
H. McNeary Jack Bell Auckland
J. Williamson W. Pickering Taranaki
W. Hooper Geo. Wix Otago
W. Hayes W. Fullerton Helensville

1912 New Zealand Workers List:

Brother Workers Field:
W. Hughes B. Morgan Dunedin
H. McNeary J. Bell Wellington
J. Williamson W. Pickering Hawkes Bay
W. Fullerton W. Hooper Canterbury
Wilfred Hayes Geo. Wix Bay of Islands
Sisters Workers Field:
M. Hodgins Mabel Wix Otago
Queenie Higgins Ella Blade Thames
H. Alexander S. Hooper Taranaki
Olive Billings Mary McLeod Waikato
Teenie Walker Harriet Hooper Canterbury

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(transcribed by Cherie Kropp Nov. 15, 2014)

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