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1928 Workers List
North & South America
Revised December 14, 2022

TTT Editors Note: 
687 Total No. Workers Listed ( 113 Canadians; 525 Americans; 49 Foreign countries)
A increase of 95 Workers over previous year.

NOTE: In 1923, Jack Carroll endorsed the marriage of Dave Christie and Emily Wilson.

In 1922-23, there were 6 pairs of Married Workers listed in bold print.
In 1924-25, there were 9 pairs of Married Workers (3 of 9 pairs are Canadian workers).
In 1925-26, there were 7 pairs of Married Workers (Walkers and Mrs. Gard not shown).
In 1926-27, there were 12 pairs of Married Workers.
In 1927-28, there were 12 pairs of Married Workers.
In 1928-29, there were 13 pairs of Married Workers.

Married Worker Couples indicated in bold type.



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NOTE: TTT is missing North & South America Workers List for 1930-1952