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Later Workers
Letters, Statements & Notes
Revised August 10, 2019

Letters, Statements & Notes by Later Workers

Workers Meetings Notes including Suggestions, Guidelines, Rules, etc.

Elders Meetings Notes

Fellowship Meetings Notes

Divorce & Remarriage

UNITED STATES: (alphabetical order)

Andrew Abernethy - What is the Way of God?  Bird City, Kansas Convention

Arnold Brown - Don't worry about tracing the truth back. The Jews could trace to Abraham. Didn't mean a thing. God can raise up people from stones…we don't need to trace it back.

Donald Fisher - I remember a favorite subject of Wm. Jamieson (when the Workers would be gathered in a home) was to tell us that as far back as we could trace this fellowship was unto Wm. Irvine. He spoke openly and freely of all which he knew of Wm. Irvine, etc. What he told us was unto enough people that it would be common knowledge state wide.

Dan Hilton - The period of time between the first century and the twentieth century

Ray Hoffman - 2008 Letter re CSA to Texas Friends

Sydney Holt (7 Letters written on tour of the U.K. and Ireland in 1985)

Garrett Hughes - Overseer of Colorado, USA.  "So send I you;" wheat analogy re workers going to Australia; TV is devil's masterpiece.

Howard Mooney - Overseer of Oregon, USA — New Addition: The Origin of God's Way

Willie Pollock - USA - Stump Restoration Concept

Price, Jack - 1997 Letter re Certificate of Disolution and Willis Propp

Schober, Lyle - USA - 2017 Dress Code for Texas Friends

Leo Stancliff
- History of the Church

Eldon Tenniswood - Overseer of Western USA States


Dale Shultz - Canada - April 12, 1999 Letter re: Alberta Purging
Dale Shultz - Letters (2) to California Workers about Ruben Mata
Dale Shultz - Guidelines Regarding Incidents of Child Sexual Molestation
Willis Propp - Letters regarding Incorporation of Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies, Nov., 1996


Allan Kitto - Overseer of New South Wales - Response to 60 Minutes Australia televised program re: "The Truth Church" and CSA

Evan Jones - Overseer of Victoria and Tasmania, Australia
Malcolm Clapham - Overseer of Queensland, Australia - Phone Hookups discontinued


Ken Paginton
- England


Jim Girton, John Mastin, Bill Walker, Renante Fermin
to Our Dear Philippine Worker Staff, June 2018 directive to ban Social Media

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